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Room 1844 has a strongly ingrained philosophy of independence and masters the full range of its Exclusive 'Objet de Luxe' production operations. The Soulitude Collection feature a series of exceptional handmade pieces of Art inspired by the 'Dias de Los Muertos'. When your soul is inspired to create life into anything making it new again.

Wood is an alive and noble material. Our Artisans have developed processes to dye, assemble and shape it into furniture and floors that reveal its grain and unique features. This exquisite knowledge reflects our Master Craftsmen’s 40-year career and the masters before him, that have revolutionized their vision to see how to add their approach as designers. “Working together on a functional object has been a surprising and inspiring experience,”

This unique Collection gives recycled or abandoned wood new life and beauty. The decorative motifs and patterns are inspired by the ‘Dias dos Muertos’ and are celebrating the rebirth of the Soul. Unique handcrafted luxury pieces, which vary from traditional to whimsical, sometimes incorporating metals  and precious stones. ‘Soulitude’ reflects an original a colorful contemporary perspective and deep knowledge of the material acquired.



Inspirations comes from the organic and simple evolution of life. They comes from the attraction to complicated things, things that are considered hard to make from other people’s point of view.  We have a very low perception of complexity, which allowed us to create some things that others can’t.

· Our philosophy is that of giving back dreams to those who have stopped dreaming; so we navigate in this parallel universe which is the world of possibilities.

· Even the simplest of things hide infinite beauty. It’s a peculiar circularity: We’ve been working in this field for 40 years and in the constant craving for innovation, for improvement. Beauty lies in simplicity, and especially in things that are handmade. In these things, imperfection is a character, not a flaw.

From our Artisans who create the models, to our sales teams who communicate the stories about the models themselves to customers, are trained with regard to our corporate sustainability strategy and initiatives. As part of our Responsible Code of Ethics, this training structure is continually reviewed and monitored, allowing for additional training of our teams in key risk areas such as raw material procurement.

To ensure that all key functions are able to contribute to Room 1844’s sustainability strategy, we have created a number of internal committees and working groups composed of Artisans, workshop managers and directors. These are responsible for reviewing current practices, suggesting alternative materials and solutions, as well as sharing knowledge and best practice across all divisions.

As of today, the following internal committees are active: Fire Safety Committee, Substances of Higher Concern Committee, Environmental, Health & Safety Committee, Ethical Compliance Committee, and Responsible Sourcing Working Groups.

When your soul is inspired to create life into anything making it new again. cdn_helper


Our ‘Solitude’ Collection inspired by the Day of the Dead festivities unfold an explosion of color and life-affirming joy. Sure, the theme is death, but the point is to demonstrate love and respect and celebrate the rebirth of life itself. In towns and cities throughout Mexico, revelers don funky makeup and costumes, hold parades and parties, sing and dance, and make offerings to lost loved ones.